Cocoa & Cashew Bars – Vegan, Paleo & Perfect

Cocoa & cashew bars - A tasty love story

Well well I guess it’s time for yet another bar. As you might have figured I really have a weak spot for these energy filled little fellows. It just seems as they are always incredible practical to have on hand and always save my ass when I am two seconds from grabbing a less blood sugar friendly alternative. And if you like me are on the run most of the time this bar is a dear friend around 4 o’clock when you have a little crave or hunger and want a good fixing.

Cocoa & cashew bars - A tasty love story

Lately I have been flirting quite a bit with cashew nuts and found that I have a crush on these golden beauties. My favourite thing so far has been raw & vegan yoghurt made out if cashews, yum. But this time I added them to this bar, and besides giving them an awesome zebra look they add a decent amount of crunch, sweetness and super healthy fat.
The bar is fast made and keeps beautifully in the fridge and the freezer and is great to grab on the go. I would gladly add one to any lunchbox or serve with a cup of coffee. So embrace yet another wonder bar and become an even happier person :)

Cocoa & cashew bars - A tasty love story

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Cocoa & cashew bars
Makes 12-16 bars

300 g soft dates
100 g nuts (you can use hazel, walnut or almond – or a mix)
100 g cashew nuts
2 Tbsp coconut oil, melted
2 Tbsp raw cocoa powder
1/2 tsp ground vanilla

Preheat oven to Preheat oven to 300 F°/150 C° (fan). Roast the 100 g of mixed nuts for 15-20 min, until slightly golden. If you are using hazelnuts, remove the burned skin with a kitchen cloth. Blend nut in a food processor or blender until semi ground. Then you roughly blend cashew nuts, you want some larger chunks of these. Remove the stones from the dates and blend theses with coconut oil, vanilla and cocoa. In a large bowl mix all of the nuts with the date mixture until you have a sticky dough. In a lined baking tray spread out the dough and divide evenly into a square. Place in the fridge or freezer until it is firm and set. Use a sharp knife to cut out your bars in the size you prefer.
Store the bars in an airtight container  in the fridge for up to 14 days.

Cocoa & cashew bars - A tasty love story

  1. Pernille LauritsenPernille Lauritsen04-09-2014

    Rister du også cashewnødder?

  2. CathrineCathrine04-09-2014

    These look incredible!! I also whipped up a batch of raw snack-balls today, a gorgeous blend of dates, mixed dried berries (goji, cranberry, blueberry, mulberry..), cashews/almonds, chia seeds and some vanilla – these kind of snacks so addicting and my absolute go-to on thise endless days at schhol ;) these are next on my list when my other ones are gone (won’t take long…)

    • Hehe, sounds great, it is important to always have some on hands I agree to that! Hope you’ll like this version then :)

  3. Sabine Kjær StrandSabine Kjær Strand04-10-2014

    Hej Josephine
    Som altid med dine opskrifter, ser disse også bare fantastiske ud.
    Du har før postet nogle barer herinde, hvorved du tilføjede i en kommentar, at de indeholdt så og så mange kulhydrater pr. bar. Denne viden vil jeg gerne have ved disse skønheder også – hvis det altså er dig muligt.
    Tak på forhånd! :)

    • Hej Sabine.
      Ja det har du fuldstændig ret i :) Jeg vælger nogen gange at gi nutrition info når det er relevant for opskriften fx ved en lav kulhydrats bar. Men disse barer er bare naturlige sunde energi barer og indeholder faktisk ret mange kulhydrater pga dadlerne, så jeg har ikke lavet nogen udregning og gør det heller ikke. Men hvis du selv er interesseret i det, så kan du meget nemt selv gøre det på fx
      Kærlig hilsen Josephine

      • Sabine Kjær StrandSabine Kjær Strand04-11-2014

        Hej igen
        Det vil jeg helt klart forsøge mig med så. Jeg forsøger jo egentlig at leve så low-carb som muligt, uden at behøve at tælle mig frem ved hvert måltid. De barer du før har lagt op med kokos, mandler og massere af kokosolie har virkelig været fantastiske for mig, og jeg har slet ikke tal på hvor mange gange jeg har lavet dem efterhånden. De indeholdt 7 g kulhydrat pr. bar, hvilket er helt tilpas og godt for mig. Du er fantastisk god til det du gør!
        Mange hilsener, Sabine :)

        • Det lyder fantastisk, må indrømme jeg også har lavet en del portioner af de dejlige low-carb barer, det er så skænt at ha lidt lækkert som stiller sulten :) Og tak for de søde ord, er glad for at du kan bruge opkskrifterne herinde :)

  4. Yum! I love putting cocoa/cacao powder in snack bars, it’s a nice little pick-me-up without the crash of extra sugar.

  5. laurasmesslaurasmess04-11-2014

    These look absolutely delicious! I love everything about this recipe. Sounds like the dates would add the perfect amount of sweetness :)

    • Oh yes I think they do, they are a little to the sweet side, but sometimes that is just lovely :)

  6. ElineEline04-13-2014

    Just made this recipe this morning and posted it on my blog. Great taste, sweet and sticky, great succes! Thank you!


  7. FannyFanny04-14-2014

    Dear Josephine Malene, could one replace the raw cocoa powder with regular unsweetened? Or with anything else? And thank you for a beautiful recipe! :)

    • Oh yes, that would be absolutely perfect, and give the exact same result – as long as it is bitter unsweetened :)

      • FannyFanny04-14-2014

        Thanks so much for your quick reply! Will give these a shot soon, can’t wait!

  8. Holly FindlayHolly Findlay04-14-2014

    I made these yesterday and they are delicious and oh so simple. Thank you for sharing.

  9. JennyJenny04-16-2014

    Er yoghurten fra 42raw? Eller laver du den selv? Jeg er vild mid den fra 42raw, men mangler en (pålidelig) opskrift.
    Har du et tip til køb af chaswe nødder? IKøbenhavn eller på nettet? Jeg synes, de er dyre.

  10. Perfection! Just posted a 2 ingredient bar with cashews myself, and cashews are probably my all time favorite nuts so these bars… are just perfect!!

  11. TaniaTania06-09-2014

    Just wondering how much in cups is 100g?

  12. AmberAmber06-25-2014

    I don’t suppose you have the calorific breakdown values for this recipe, for example how many calories each one has?

  13. D. LeuD. Leu08-17-2014

    Hi Josephine,
    That looks like a wonderful snack. I noticed in lot os your recipes you use dates. Is that an alternative to sweeten the food and can we use something else than dates? Maybe another kind of dried fruit? Also I never used coconut oil before, i will try it but i would still like to ask if there would be an alternative to coconut oil like canola or walnut oil for example..?

    Thanks a lot! All the best

    • Hi there.
      Yes dates are rather unique due to their texture and sweetness and they are really easy to work with. Other dried fruits are less sticky and you risk not being able to shape your bars and they might end up crumbly. But you can easily try to play around with other kinds of dried fruit as eg. abrocits and figs if you feel like it. Regarding the coconut oil it also has it’s benefits texture wise (and health wise) – because coconut oil gets hard when it gets below 20 degrees and helps the bars firm up, like e.g. butter would, whereas the other oils your mentioning would keep being fluid and your bars would be to soft and the oil could kind run of. So I would recommend sticking with coconut oil and maybe play around with other kinds of dried fruit :)
      All the best J

      • D. LeuD. Leu09-17-2014

        Hi Josephine,

        Thank you a lot for your reply.

        I have tried the recipe with butter. In my case nut amount was a bit too much i guess, because dates didn’t stick together. Maybe I should try it with a bit less nuts next time. But in any case my husband loved them and almost finished the whole box! :)

        All the best,

  14. MarianaMariana11-30-2014

    Just made these into snack bars. They are delicious. Thank you for sharing.

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