Meatballs in spicy curry with cauliflower rice

Curry wirh cauliflower rice and meatballs - ATLS

I just spend yet another couple of magical days in Copenhagen. Magical meaning that I get to be with my sister and little niece, see her laughing, preppin lovely meals for them, spending hours after baby bedtime with drinking coffee and talking about the world, dreams and love. On my way home I already miss them – but I also miss my own bed, my man and my morning run! We have been spicing up those coffee breaks with lots of chocolate, nuts and cake (glad I did a day of fasting just before I went – see Instagram for more on this) and now I really miss my own food rhythm and my kitchen shelves free of too much tempting chocolate and candy.

Curry wirh cauliflower rice and meatballs - ATLS

Right now I am actually heading directly towards one of my regular Food Clubs – but tomorrow it might be time to repeat this tasty and very healthy meal I made the other day.
Lately I have been practicing many low carb meals. Normally I do not eat too much bread, grains or sweets (okay, at least not if my own healthy baking and cooking doesn’t count ;) But I have experienced how amazing it feels to hold back, just a bit, on sugar, too much fruit and bread and instead be a little more loose when pouring up coconut cream and using butter and cheese. It leaves you with a feeling of being truly full and often times the food tastes even better, win win!

Curry wirh cauliflower rice and meatballs - ATLS

This meal is an interpretation of a classic Danish dish called: Boller i karry – Meatballs in curry. It is normally served with rice and you won’t see a shadow of vegetables. In my version the rice is substituted with cauliflower rice, which is inviting you to fill up your plate with veggies from the beginning, and the curry is filled with blended veggie as well. The sauce is creamy and rich from full fat coconut milk and the meatballs are gently boiled. You can use whatever minced meat you prefer and maybe even steamed fish or falafels if you prefer that instead of chicken, pork and beef.
I made this dish a few weeks ago and it was a little improvised, but I think I managed to recreate the recipe as it was. But be sure to season to taste, and don’t be afraid to using whatever vegetables you have lying around. A blended curry can easily keep roots and all kinds of cabbage, kale and other seasonal vegetables.

Curry wirh cauliflower rice and meatballs - ATLS

Curry wirh cauliflower rice and meatballs - ATLS

  1. chefjuliannachefjulianna09-13-2013

    This is a beautiful dish that I cannot wait to make. I love the idea of combining the curry with the cauliflower rice to cut back on the carbs. Thanks!

  2. Monica CaseMonica Case09-13-2013

    Dear Josephine,
    Having just discovered your blogg I am truly impressed and inspired. I cannot wait to try several recipies this weekend, including this meatball curry, as well as the black bean brownie cake!
    Well done and good luck for the future, you will have success within this field I am sure!!

    • That’s so sweet of you, thank you so much for that encouragement :) Hope both recipes go well, it’s two of my favorites too!

  3. tomtom09-19-2013

    love it when people talk about “organic” food and suggest a recipe containing slaughtered animals. might want to think about your eating habits every now and then cause right now they don’t seem to be very complex.

    • Hi Tom.
      I understand that we all have different food philosophies and that E.g. vegetarians can have strong feelings towards eating animals. But in my opinion organic food has nothing to do with me choosing to eat animal products. I actually have very strong feelings towards choosing organic animal products in order to provide the best possible life for the animals. My eating habits are my own choice, as well as you have chosen how you live and eat – and I appreciate and enjoy every single meal I have.

  4. ButtoniButtoni09-27-2013

    This looks truly amazing. We just LOVE curries and I’m particularly of the chicken meatballs one often gets at Indian buffets. I look forward to trying this!

  5. jakkijakki09-27-2013

    I just love cauliflower I am definatetly going to try the cauli rice. Easier than normal rice and much better for you.

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