Feta feast – Savory Pie with Leeks and Creamy Feta

It is no secret that I love cheese and especially feta! So I was rather excited when I got the offer to develop three delicious recipes in co-operation with Taverna. I got creative in the kitchen and made three summer-inspired recipes were I used some different versions of their cheeses. My favorite by far ended up … Read more

Beetroot Patties with Feta & Fresh Mint

Patties, sometimes also called fritters, are one of my absolute favourite foods. There are just as many things to love about them as there are ways to make them. I have different favourite patties for different seasons. Here during summer I have made my light, green favourite Zucchini Patties. When autumn and winter comes it … Read more

Cheesy Pie with Asparagus

It’s been a while since I’ve made a pie which is in fact a shame! I love pies. They are absolutely incredible, the crisp, buttery crust with a nutty flavour from the whole grain flour combined with the creamy filling. They are even easy to make and can be varied in all kinds of ways. … Read more

Beluga Stuffed Avocados

I have a crush. I admit it right here right now! The intense colour, the mild flavour, the great versatility and the wonderful ability to interact with other wonderful ingredients – Beluga you’ve got me!Once I was awfully curious every time a picture appeared with these little beautiful black fellows. What were those pretty little … Read more

Parsley Hummus with Crispy Butter Toasted Rye Crackers

The need for fresh food as spring arrives does not only cover Milkshakes. I suddenly wanna have fresh meals, preferable not cooked to much, and crispy, raw salads are often on the menu. Sometimes the weather can even affect appetite and smaller portions and snacks are chosen opposed to heavier meals.The last couple of weeks I … Read more